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The Importance of Strategic Branding

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

What does having strategic branding do for my #business? For this sense, think of your business as a real life person among other people (businesses) - just as we humans all have our own unique identifying personality traits and ‘quirks’ that identify us for who we are, little traits and identifying features let people know what to expect when it comes to a business.

For example, the tone you set in your #messages and materials can let people know if your business has a strictly business sense of professionalism or whether you offer a bit of a creative flair and fun in your work. This is why it is important to spend the time putting in the ground work to let the world recognise and know who your business really is in the core and it’s values. Correct strategic branding can drive new (and the correct) customers to your store/business and drastically increase your brand awareness in the community or even globally.

Get the right customers the first time

With the correct strategic branding, a potential customer or client will have a good idea of what you offer and if it is right for what they are looking for. This is a huge facet when creating or developing your brand. From colours, font positioning, to typefaces. The style and the mood your brand delivers will determine the success of your business.

If a customer doesn’t have a clear idea of your services, from their first impression of your logo, website, or your socials then you can face wasting both theirs and your time.

So do your research, think about the demographic you want to reach. What is currently on the market, is your logo modern, is it TOO modern? What will attract them? Ask yourself the right questions. And your graphic designer can then create, from this, an extraordinary logo/brand for your business.

Bonus: There won't be all that back and forth with colours, fonts etc as you have already given your designer exactly the demographics, research your wanting for your business to prosper.

Business Networking

With the right strategic branding, your business can become a strong established brand that is easily recognisable to other business as potentially someone they can refer business to you, or co-partner with on projects all from a look over the branding you have put out.

Getting out and about is the easiest and simplest form of marketing. Whether it be you or a co-worker, attend your events, create events, get yourself into the community. Visit other organisations that may refer people to you and get in contact with other suppliers.

Build a community for your brand. Don't be shy, or you'll risk your brand and your business along with it.

Easier advertising - Consistency is Key!

When you have a consistent theme/colour palette/image, etc, it makes it more time efficient to create advertisement materials. As people become more aware of your brand, they will easily recognise the familiarity on a quick glance, creating the match in their memories between what they see and your brand (ie – seeing a pair of golden arches out of the corner of your eye whether on the television or in print advertisement will create in a connection in your mind with a particular well known fast food chain).

So when it comes to developing your logo or brand, think of something that can be easily recognisable, or better yet, what symbolises your services/business, what do you hold dear? What can help you stand out?

If not a symbol, it could also be colours. There is a world of colours out there linked with a lot of research and psychology too - check this blog here that explains how important choosing the right colour is for your business

If you outsource your advertising, the creator will be able to produce advertising that you will more likely to be happy with and will work well with your brand and visions. The creator can also suggest to you the best materials to start with and build upon for your marketing.

So how do I know what my brand is?

At Wolski-Marie Design, we live for helping people define and grow their branding and some questions you can ask yourself to get started are:

- What service does my brand offer?

- What is the message I want my brand to deliver?

- Why is my business valuable in the marketplace?

- How do I/can I connect emotionally with my customers?

- Does my material speak to my target audience?

- Is the way I present my business consistent?

- What was the reason I started this business in the first place?

If you’ve realised that frankly, your brand is all over the place and has more personalities/personas than Madonna’s career, then rest assured – the team at Wolski-Marie are here to help and would love nothing more than to delve deep into your business’ core to discover who they are, bring out their best potential and showcase them to the world!

Check out our branding services here 😎

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